• ConZerge is a unique hybrid of hotel representation, travel account management, procurement, and travel technology.
  • How do we do it all? We’re a family owned and operated business that operates lean and focuses on our clients first, always.
  • Not only do we offer lifestyle brands representation, but also travel account management with accounts averaging a travel spend of $250,000 to $50,000,000+ per annum.
  • As a family comes first in our business, we believe in the value of relationships.
  • We have exclusive relationships with selected high end Travel Management companies, including key Travel Directors of Global 500 Companies.
  • ConZerge offers a value-added online application to streamline your travel itinerary by booking activities in advance while still remaining personalized for guests, concierges, travel agents, and hotels.
  • Our technology platform is the ultimate source for hoteliers, hotel guests and 3rd party intermediaries.
  • It’s a user friendly web application for all users—so easy that our grandmother was able to use it!
  • Ask us more about how ConZerge guests can enjoy the city and not miss a chance to see hot sites, theaters, and restaurants.